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Whether you are looking for a small roller mill for calf feed or a large roller-grinder for your feed mill facility and anything in between, you have came to the right place.

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Roller Mills and Grinders built by Lone Star Enterprises are built with the customer, operator and service personnel in mind. Over a period of many years, we have worked on numerous brands of mills of different sizes, performing different functions. We have also listened to the customer to find out what is important to them in a mill. From this we have taken the good points, eliminated the bad points and strengthened a few week points we have found.


Some of the points that need to be seriously considered when building a roller grinder are;


  •        Absolute control of the moveable rolls. We have incorporated an adjustable slide system on the moveable rolls so as the machine wears, which any movable part will, you can adjust for this wear, thus saving replacing costly parts years down the road.


  •        Eccentric shaft collars and related parts which are all machined by CNC giving a larger, more precise wear surface for longer durability.


  •        Solid & Rigid frame. Our frames are 5/8” plate steel welded together with roll slope pans welded on the inside of the frame and adjustable wear guides. This helps greatly on providing a rigid non-flexing frame which will keep your rolls in parallel both directions.


  •        Roll control. To decrease uneven roll wear and increase performance we have improved the control of the movable roll allowing for vertical and horsizontal parallel alignment. This allows the product to be processed evenly across the length of the roll. This increases quality of the grind, capacity and longevity of the rolls.


  •        Roll corrugation plays a big roll in the outcome of your product too. We can install the corrugations that you require.


These mills are built here in a small shop in South Dakota, by the same people who are out servicing these and other mills. Our goal for many years has been to build a grinder that is tough, rugged, easy to service, easy to understand, and operate .

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