We are a company dedicated to providing our customers a full range of services for the proper development of their projects of Rice Mills, Food Plants Animal, Grain Storage Systems and Poultry and/or Pigs Projects.

Within these areas, we offer a variety of services Individual tailored to your needs.


While're planning to start your project from scratch we have a range of professionals to offer complete services from civil engineering to electrical.


In order to always look to the optimization, the industry has required improving constant and fundamental changes such as the automation, trough PLC controlled from a computer unit which allows more efficient control in the handling of products and equipment durability.


It is important that before starting any project you have knowledge of the areas in which we will exercise our work, that is why we always do assessments in places to install with the idea of making our work more effective when installation , taking the customer the best advice before you run your project with us.


Each project is unique for us and saves each particularity, so we dedicate our effort to create each offer and packages that fit each customer, like a tailored suit we offer deals and machinery┬┤s packages for various extensive work no matter the size of the project.